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Our companies have great export know-how in many countries worldwide. From our specialist division of ITT Trading we manage the purchase and sale of new and used machines as well as spare parts. We take care of everything, including transport, customs procedures, delivery to the destination, etc... More info



As our names suggests, the reach of International Trucks and Tractors goes well beyond our presence in Spain, France, Morocco or Chile. We export equipment and machinery to more than 50 countries on behalf of the top brands we represent: Bobcat, Doosan, New Holland, Case, Manitou, Ausa, Atlas Coopco, Takeuchi, Hamm, Mustang, Scania, Schmitz Cargobull, Isuzu, etc.

With the wide range of equipment and brands we distribute, from agricultural tractors or cereal harvesters to hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, backhoes and all types of trucks and trailers, we are able to cover most of our customers’ needs in any country of the world. We consult on the equipment that best meets your needs and the reality of the destination country. We also offer on-site aftersales services and training for mechanics and operators. We take care of everything involved in the export and transport process in the manner that best suits your needs.



We manage machinery, implements and tools purchases around the world for our customers, travelling when necessary to perform inspections and taking care of all the steps needed for importing and homologating the equipment in the receiving country.

If you are looking for used machinery, check our stock in the used section, or if you are looking to import machinery click here to contact our team!


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After Sales Service

At ITT, we truly believe that aftersales service is the most important aspect of distribution. Our clients are strict professionals that need their equipment ready and in optimal condition. This is why ITT represent only the best brands - but being exceptional producers is not enough.  If machinery is being used for professional purposes, it is inevitably going to suffer wear and tear, so it is vital to take care of it, carry out the necessary upkeep, and provide original spare parts where needed, as well as the latest cutting-edge oils. In our sectors, using the best materials and trained technicians is indispensable. Our trucks cover hundreds of thousands of kilometers with little rest, and our crop harvesters are subjected to intense work periods. Our companies are specialized in meeting to all of these demands with the highest quality of service. 


We accompany our clients throughout the useful life of their product. Whatever the brand, we do everything in our power to stock the best spare parts, and our technicians are trained to know how to handle the key technologies in each sector. 


Service response times are key in professional environments. We have 33 warehouses with more than 6 million euros in stock, 300,000 references and the most advanced logic systems and software, such as SlimStock which allows better sales procurement management, decreasing our reaction time to less than 24 hours. We work constantly to improve delivery times, both in our workshops and at your location.


Technological advances in the machinery and engine fields have led to better performances with less consumption and less polluting emissions; these advances require ever more specialised and efficient training. Our technicians receive continuous training, both in terms of mechanics and new technologies. Training that we can also pass on to our customers in our facilities, work areas, or even at the customer's own location. We offer courses on:

- Efficient driving to save consumption and wear
- Precision Agriculture and Telematic Systems
- The training of drivers and mechanics
- Responsible use and safety at work (CSR)
- Mechanics and maintenance


In the fiscal year 2017/2018the company posted a turnover of 44.7 million euros in aftersales, 34.9 million in spare parts and 9,8 million in labour. 

- 33 branches
- 6 million euros in stock  
- More than 300.000 part numbers 
- 300 people in aftersale 

  • 186 Mechanics
  • 27 Workshop Managers
  • 63 Spare part personnel 
  • 24 Office staff

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Major advances in the use of communications and geolocations in our equipment have helped us make a huge leap in the services we provide in our three sectors. Both we and the client  can monitor equipment, receiving real time information on consumption, wear and tear, efficiency, etc.

Our specialists can offer you preventive maintenance to suit the work you do, notify you when periodic servicing is due, or handle all maintenance and any breakdowns directly. We can identify equipment that is not being used responsibly or efficiently and propose specific training courses for drivers/operators.

In the drawing below you can see how these technologies interact and the extraordinary benefits you will have when using them.


Fleet Control

FMS de Scania

1 - Efficient driving, stress management and driver training courses in our facilities or on site at with the client. 

2 - Tire wear analysis, fleet adaptation recommendations, air deflectors, cold-weather equipment, etc. 

3 - Route and load selection (saving breaks on flatter routes). 

4 - Electronic tachometers: driver monitoring, automated billing and payroll.



Real time position  

1 - Exact positioning in real time and remote diagnostics and estimates. Saves travel. We go with what is needed right away.

2 - Theft prevention (out-of-hours operation, removal without starting engine, departure from a predetermined area).

3 - Breakdown prevention (engine overheating warning, hydraulics, lack of lubrication, etc.).

4 - Comprehensive maintenance agreements: we take care of everything. We know where the equipment is and what is needed.

Precision agriculture

New Holland PLM

1 - High-precision self-guided equipment. Proprietary New Holland network with RPK antennas (deviation of less than 2.5 cm).

2 - Farm output mapping to plan next planting (low-productivity areas, water scarcity, fertilizer, infestations, etc.). 

3 - Monitoring of operating costs (diesel, fertilizer, treatments, hours/operator, etc.). 

4 - Automatic billing (hours worked, hectares, consumption, work performed, en route efficiency).


Advantages for the company  

  • Reducedcosts (diesel, wear and tear, breakdowns).  
  • Efficiency of investment. 
  • Less administrative work, automatic billing, certifcation of services performed. 
  • Safety of the machinery. 
    Maintenance included: Serviced by experts.  

Advantages for the worker  

  • Accident saafety. 
  • Reduced stress. 
  • Breakdowns/lost work time prevented.
  • Ongoingsafety and effciency training. 
  • Remunerated by performance.  




ITT has a team of specialists in the rental of all types of machinery: tractors, mini loaders, excavators, mixed retro, compactors, dumpers, wheel loaders, telescopic handlers, etc., and a wide range of implements.
Whether it's a breakdown, a stitch job, to minimize your investments or just try out equipment you're not familiar with, contact ITT Alquiler at (+34) 680 18 78 00 or your trusted ITT business to find out the rates we can offer you.

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Equipment rental has many advantages:
- Optimization of machinery use – use it only when needed.
- New or semi new machinery reducing supplies and possible breakdowns.
- Cost control - all costs included without surprise breakdown expenses or the need for dedicated maintenance personnel.
- Tax deductible expense in its entirety.
- Flexibility and availability of equipment at any stage of the project.

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