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We are ITTInternational Trucks and Tractors, a leading distributor of agricultural, transport and construction equipment with a presence in Spain, France, Morocco and Chile.

The ITT companies specialize in sales, aftersales, and machinery repair for the top brands in the sector, such as Scania, Schmitz Cargobull, Rolfo, New Holland, Case, Bobcat, Develon, Manitou, Hamm, Isuzu, , Putzmeister, Ausa, , Hamm, Bomag, Horsch, Hiab, Corvus and more.

The company has dedicated itself to the distribution of agricultural equipment since it was founded in 1878, later expanding to the construction and transport sectors. Throughout this time, it has always remained loyal to the philosophy passed down by the generations of business minds that made it a success.

The creation and acquisition of more than 20 companies has fuelled ITT’s solid growth, giving in the strength to overcome the severe financial crises that have affected the sector. This, along with ITT’s healthy business model and the wide variety of sectors and markets in which we operate, is what gives us the strength to succeed now and into the future, no matter what the odds.

As you can read in  the preface to the book ITT878The most important reason for explaining the past is to help to build the future."

At ITT we are fully committed to fostering a close long-term alliance with clients and producers. We believe that the value of the company is built on its relationships. The first step toward success is to stand together and forge real bonds.

But what is it that makes all this possible? It is our people: more than 551 employees of ITT, the thousands of clients who put their trust in us, the professionals who work in our factories, the engineers who never stop learning, the spare parts salespeople, the administrative team, and everyone else who helps make ITT what it is.

Keep browsing or download our catalog to find all the products we offer on behalf of our specialized companies:

- Construction equipment :

The widest range of: backhoe loaders, mini loaders, graders, bulldozers, compactors…

- Agricultural equipment and tools :

Tractors, harvesters, harvesting machines, ballers, trailers, seeders, spreaders, tanks ...

- Trucks, trailers, pickups, UTVs, mobile workshops…

- Range of used products

- Original spare parts with maximum lead time and warranty

- Performance driving training

- Courses for use of combine harvesters and harvesting machines

- Precision farming: 

Auto guidance, GPS, RTK networks...


During fiscal year 2021/2022, ITT posted a turnover of 255 millon euros.



Official distributor of Scania buses in Barcelona, Lleida, Balearic Islands as well as in a part of Huesca.

Official distributor of Schmitz Cargobull and Goldhofer trailers in Catalonia and Balearic Islands. 

Official distributor of Isuzu trucks and Hiab cranes and forklifts in Balearic Islands. 

scania    schmitz cargobull   isuzu   Hiab 



• Compañía Maquinaria 93 at Cataluña :
- Official distributor of Manitou in Barcelona and Tarragona.
- Official distributor of Manitou Industry in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona
- Official distributor of CASE CE in Barcelona & Gerona

Official Service ZF Group (ZF Friedrichshafen AG) and Allisson-Transmission in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona.

  Case Construction Equipment       manitou          alisson   zf

• Compañía Maquinaria 93 en Andalusia and Extremadura:
Official dealer of New Holland Agriculture, New Holland Construction, Case Construction, Putzmeister, Horsch and Hamm in Sevilla, Jaen, Granada, Malaga and Cordoba.
Also Case Construction and Horsch in Huelva, Cáceres and Badajoz. Corvus UTV in all the distribution areas.

new holland agriculture    new holland construction    case construction    hamm  Putzmeister Corvus UTV Horsch

• Compañía Maquinaria 93 dans les Iles Baléares :
Official distributor in the Balearic Islands of Bobcat, Case Construction,  Ausa, Atlas Copco,  Putzmeister, Pottinger,  Solá, Hamm, Chicago Pneumatic, Astra, Bomag and MB (excavators and recycling). Official distributor in Mallorca of New Holland Agriculture and New Holland Construction,  Cámara, TMC  Cancela, Horsch, Corvus and Hinowa. 

bobcat  case construction          atlas copco     sola     pottinger   hammbomagnew holland agriculturePutzmeister  Corvus UTV

• Compañía Maquinaria 93 à Navarre :
Official distributor of New Holland Agriculture and New Holland Construction in Navarra.

 new holland agriculture new holland construction


ITT Canarias

Official distributor of CASE Construction, Bobcat, HAMM, Putzmeister and ARDEN Equipment in Canary Islands.

case construction   bobcat     HAMM   Putzmeister


ITT Vimo

Official distributor of New Holland, Horsch, Kuhn, Amazone, Matrot, Caruelle, Hardi-Evrar and Maschio agricultural equipment.

 new holland agriculture  new holland construction caruelle  horsch  evrard  matrot   amazone  kuhn  maschio


ITT BobcatOf

Official distributor for sale and rental of Bobcat, Doosan and Dynapac construction, public works and environmental machinery. Ausa distributor in Barcelona, Lerida and Tarragona.

 bobcat montabert  


ITTL Mach10

Official distributor for sale and rental of Bobcat, Doosan and Dynapac construction, public works and environmental machinery.

 bobcat doosan  ITT MACH10 Weber mt


ITT Recuperacion

Sale of original refurbished spare parts Scania



ITT Trading

International purchase and sale of equipment and services.


ITTL Cevit

Official distributor of New Holland grape harvesters, Horsch, Berthoud sprayers and vineyard tools.

 new holland agriculture  berthoud   Industrias David Horsch


ITTL Cosecha Mecanica

Sale of spare parts and used equipment for the wine industry in Chile.

new holland agriculture


ITT Alquiler

Rental of agricultural and construction machinery and transport equipment.

ITT Maroc

Rentals and sale of spare parts and used vehicles.


ITT Box Solutions

Bodywork for trucks, with total exibility to adapt to every brand.



Consult our catalog 2021-21 and choose the language to download it.


On 15th of December we launched the book ITT1878 in Barcelona. The story this book tells helps us to learn more about ourselves, to find strength in times of crisis and to plan our future with enthusiasm and confidence.  

The book tells the story of the salespeople who have imported and distributed machinery since 1878. The saga begins with the pioneering initiative of the German Alberto Ahles, who opened a farm tool shop in Barcelona, followed by the story of how Pere Parés Serra defended the business during the First World War and then that of Felix Schalyer, who fought to save innocent lives during the Second World War. It describes the tireless efforts of Pedro and Francisco Parés Dernández and the sacrifices made by Francesc Parés Canalías in challenging times. The book concludes with the decisive transformation of the company, led by Ramón Ariño Arenas, Xavier Domènech Mir and the others  ITT partners


itt 1878

ITT 1878 - Download it for Ebook :





ITT Foundation aims to promote human development through educational, health, social, sustainable and entrepreneurial projects.

ITT is working to support and ensure that two schools have what it takes to educate and feed more than 230 children in Gambia, so that they can look forward to a better future. 

"We are convinced that the best way to improve our world is through education", Xavier Domènech Mir, Executive President. 

We invite you to visit our website ITT FOUNDATION and help participating in this wonderful adventure. 


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