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ITT IN THE 4th MEETING OF SPANISH BIDDING COMPANIES ITT: a perfect partner for international tenders The 4th Meeting of Spanish Bidding Companies, held in Aviles and promoted by ICEX and Asturex, brings together large and small bidding companies in international projects. European Foreign Aid and the... ITT1878
21 January 2020
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ITT KH-7 EPSILON TEAM MAN 6X6 COMPLETED HIS 25th DAKAR Jordi Juvanteny and José Luis Cirado, accompanied by Xavier Domènech, once again took the KH-7 Epsilon Team's MAN 6x6 to the finish line. Champions 2020 in their ranking  Jordi and José Luis have already had the experience of the Dakar sinc... ITT
20 January 2020
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ITT in the DAKAR 2020: Stage 2 Al Wajh-Neom Link 26 km Special: 367 km The KH-7 Epsilon Team enjoys an "african" stage on the Saudi Arabian Dakar Jordi Juvanteny, José Luis Criado and Xavier Domènech completed the second day of the world's toughest race without a hitch. The MAN 6x6 ranks 26th at the end of the 367-kil... ITT
8 January 2020
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ITT in Les Rencontres Africa 2019 (Senegal) ITT Meetings of many countries from French-speaking African countries in Dakar during Les Rencontres Africa 2019 On October 24th and 25th we meet known customers, and other potential customers from the main productive sectors in Public Works an... ITT1878
24 October 2019
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ITT VIMO visits Horsch production sites in Germany ITT Vimo visits, together with 40 clients from Picardy, the Horsch production centers of SCHWANDORF and Leeb in LANDAU, Germany. On May 10 and 11, 2019, we had the opportunity to visit the Horsch headquarters and the LEEB self-propelled and trailed s... ITT Vimo
17 June 2019
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ITT: Dakar Winners (in Production and 6x6) When every hope seems lost the KH-7 Epsilon ITT Team works the miracle and achieved the goal of Lima. Jordi Juvanteny, José Luis Criado and Xavier Domènech are re-engaged to the race and complete the last stage of the Dakar as winner... ITT1878
21 January 2019
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ITT in Dakar2019: Stage 4: AREQUIPA – TACNA The KH-7 Epsilon Team leads despite the difficulties. Jordi Juvanteny, José Luis Criado and Xavier Domènech continue first in Production and 6x6 after a very long and demanding first part of the marathon stage. The MAN 6x6 of the KH-7... ITT1878
11 January 2019
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ITT in Dakar 2019 ITT participates in the Rally #Dakar2019 from 6 to 17 January The Dakar Rally (former Paris-Dakar) is the most famous rally raid in the world and one of the toughest. This year the rally will be raid entirely in Peru roving more than 5.000 km. In thi... ITT 1878
4 January 2019
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Volunteer work by ITT staff in Gambia (Africa) Between March 24 and April the 7th, several of our ITT colleagues traveled to Gambia to work as volunteers in two of the schools we support in the country with Caminos Solidarios: They worked in two schools: Manduar: - Cleaning, painting classrooms... ITT
26 September 2018
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Our companies in INTERMAT (Paris) Our companies are present, together with their brands, in the main International Exhibition of Construction Machinery and Industry: INTERMAT If you are going to visit, do not hesitate to contact us for what you need, tickets to the event, advice, te... ITT1878
26 April 2018
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