ITT VIMO visits Horsch production sites in Germany

ITT VIMO visits Horsch production sites in Germany

ITT Vimo visits, together with 40 clients from Picardy, the Horsch production centers of SCHWANDORF and Leeb in LANDAU, Germany.

On May 10 and 11, 2019, we had the opportunity to visit the Horsch headquarters and the LEEB self-propelled and trailed spray factory.

But first, the farms:

Those of the Horsch family and some neighbors and customers, who showed us an infinity of new agricultural techniques, as well as very interesting concepts such as hybrid agriculture. You can read more in our blog "MICHAEL HORSCH'S CONFERENCE IN CORDOBA, HAND IN HAND WITH ITT"

 Horsch Farm



HORSCH Maschinen GmbH is based in Sitzenhof. Michael Horsch developed his first machine in his father's workshop in 1981. The company HORSCH Maschinen GmbH was founded in 1984 and today the headquarters and the entire administration is centralized in Sitzenhof. The development, engineers, sales, purchases, accounting, after-sales service, painting and assembly of certain products, as well as a parts logistics center, are located in Sitzenhof.


Entrepots Horsch

 Spare Parts warehouse

LANDAU Location

HORSCH LEEB Application Systems GmbH is the result of the merger of HORSCH and LEEB. All Leeb sprayers, dragged or self-propelled, are developed in Oberpöring and produced and tested in Landau. Currently, more than 220 people work there, developing, producing, monitoring and servicing sprayers.


Another very interesting concept is the automatic leveling that allows a closer and more economical spraying:

During our visit we were able to see the latest self-propelled LEEB model that will be presented at AGRITECNICA.

New Leeb


Thanks to the entire Horsch team, it was a very enriching experience.


P.D.: ITT is as well Horsch importer in Spain. More info in 


ITT Vimo
17 June 2019

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