Tropicalization of machines and equipment

Tropicalization of machines and equipment

ITT specialists travel to Gabon 

for the tropicalization of 

machines and equipment.

ITT Tropicalizacion de maquinaria

As many of you know, ITT is a leading group in the distribution and sale of agricultural machinery, construction equipment and transport vehicles.

The ITT companies are specialists in sales, after-sales and repair of top brand machinery with 36 branches in Spain, France, Morocco and Chile.

ITT also has ? better: broad or wide? experience in exporting its equipment to any country in the world.

Ethiopia, Angola, Sierra Leone, Qatar, Israel, Chile, Algeria, Tunisia, Argentina, Cuba, Russia are some of the countries where ITT manages the purchase and sale of new machinery, second-hand machinery and spare parts, managing the entire export process: transport, documentation, customs clearance and delivery at destination.

One of the outstanding services of the ITT group of companies is the tropicalization of equipment to adapt it to the specificities want to explain here what kind of specificities? of each country. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, tropicalization is the adaptation of machinery to particularly demanding environments in terms of production or environmental restrictions on the level of emissions. Specific equipment can be installed for abrasive environments, starting heaters in cold countries or special coolants in warmer countries. We even go as far as reprogramming control units to change the configuration of engines.

ITT Tropicalizacion de maquinaria agricola

ITT travels to Gabon to tropicalize equipment and

adapt them to the country's requirements and needs.

¿The job? was to accompany an important French customer to Gabon to reconfigure the control units of a Manitou telehandler and override the emissions after-treatment with urea.

The ITT group of companies has extensive experience in tropicalizing equipment to suit the country's needs.

In this case, the customer, who already had equipment with Tier IVb engines, requested the cancellation of the after-treatment system because the country does not have Ad-Blue.

By cancelling the system, machines such as the Manitou MT1840 have been able to reactivate their tasks, which had been completely cancelled.

ITT specialists also carried out work on other Atlas Copco and New Holland equipment, as distributors and experts of these brands.

Tropicalizacion de maquinaria ITT

ITT goes further

Services outside our country include a long list of services covering all needs:

Tropicalization of equipment.

Training at destination.

Delivery and Technical assistance at destination.

Emergency replacement.

Technical consultancy.

GPS for precision agriculture and fleet management.

Other global services:

Reprogramming control units.

Cancellation of post-treatment systems for countries in all? phases of motorization. Post-treatment o after-treatment.

Advice and maintenance of equipment.

Technical capacity with an extensive organiz?ation and specializ?ed staff

Comprehensive project management with on-site mechanics and trainers

Original and alternative spare parts for all brands

Logistical and customs Experience

Tropicalizacion de maquinaria agricola ITT

In recent years, ITT has exported both new and used equipment to more than 50 countries as well as participated in major agricultural and construction projects.

If you would like to know more about ITT and the export and tropicalization of machines, equipment and spare parts, please contact (+34 607 92 25 01)


17 April 2021

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