ITT News. Large increase in cereal harvest.

ITT News. Large increase in cereal harvest.

ITT - Industry News: Cereal harvest totals 24 million tonnes

A few days ago ITT sent us the following news from Efeagro:

Cereal production in 2018 will reach 23.8 million tonnes, an increase of 53.5% over 2017, "this translates into a large harvest for marketing in 2018/2019", according to estimates by the Spanish Agro-food Cooperatives.


Especially noteworthy is Castilla and Leon which, after a disappointing 2017 affected by extreme drought, will increase its harvest this year to 8.3 million tonnes (+142.22%), followed by Castilla-La Mancha with 4.07 million tonnes (+54.22%), Aragon with 3.51 million tonnes (+20%) and Andalusia with 2.75 million tonnes (+26.73%).


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