ITT News: Horsch sprayers in Landau

ITT News: Horsch sprayers in Landau

ITT News: Horsch spray factory grows in Landau

Horsch ITT

In Landau, a Bavarian region in southeast Germany, are located the headquarters of Horsch Leeb Application Systems, a company born from the merger of these two companies.

In its facilities there is a growing factory of sprayers. This factory has experienced great growth in the recent years, both in terms of the manufacturing space and the number of employees hired.

Its workforce has grown from 55 people in 2001 to 220 people in 2019.  It currently has two new buildings of 5,000 square metres where it is manufactured an average of 750 sprayers a year.

In these modern facilities, we find an assembly line with 3 lines:

A first line dedicated to self-propelled sprayers, with a capacity of 3 units/hour.

The second line is specialized in small models, with a capacity of 5 units/hour.

The third line is dedicated to the most complex self-propelled machines that require up to 3 weeks per machine.

Once it leaves the production chain, the equipment is tested simulating real treatment conditions that take between 5 and 6 hours for each of them. In this way, the perfect functioning of the machines is guaranteed before transporting them.

Horsh ITT

As for the market, Horsch commercialises its sprayers mainly in Germany where it is sold a 35% of its production, followed by the United Kingdom with 13% and France with 12%. It also has an important market in the Nordic countries and Eastern Europe, where sales are growing every year.

The main importer of the Horsch brand located in the south of Spain is the company ITT.

ITT, sees in Horsch the great bet for the future of agriculture. But in order to do this, according to Cristóbal Sánchez, Horsch specialist at ITT, "in order to be more profitable, farms must look for larger volumes and be more efficient in the use of inputs with modern machinery".

Horsh Pulverizadores

Horsch sprayers for large farms

Here we present the two great novelties of Horsch in sprayers that respond to the needs of large farms.

Leeb 6.300 - 8.300 PT

This new self-propelled sprayer incorporates among other novelties:

BoomControl System: an award-winning system that allows the height of the bar to be adjusted to uneven terrain, with widths of up to 42 m and up to 42 sections.

ComfortDrive chassis: with a central frame and an individual hydraulically loaded pneumatic wheel suspension with an active level control, it is a completely new development.

New cab with spatial concept.

New 310 hp engine (Stage V)

Two hoppers available: 6,000 litre polyethylene and 8,000 litre stainless steel.

Pulverizadores Horsh Leeb ITT

Leeb 12 TD

Horsch's first trailed sprayer with a capacity of 12,000 litres.

This sprayer offers different versions such as the CCS Pro version, equipped with a modern electronic system that improves quality in crop protection and has widths of up to 42 m.

Pulverizadores Horsh ITT

If you want to get further information about Horsch sprayers, please contact us at or visit Horsch where we will keep you up to date with all the news

25 September 2019

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