Our specialists went to Rwanda in order to provide technical service to one of our international clients.

Rwanda is a lwon income country, which in the last decade is achieving the highest growth rates within the continent. Much of the population works in agriculture, mainly subsistence, but there is increasing mineral production and processing of agricultural products. 

Tourism is currently the country's main source of income, and since 2008 mining has surpassed coffee and tea as the main source of export products. 

After the genocide in 1994, in which almost a million people died, the country has become, two decades later, the safest within the continent and the fifth in the world.

ITT Ruanda

Our technicians were surprised by the great control to avoid Covid-19 infections: temperature controls at the airport, mandatory disnfection at the entrance of all establishments and greetings by elbowing instead of hands. 

ITT Ruanda tecnicos

"It is impressive to see how the country has become one of the best examples of development in Africa. Clean streets, well-built roads, mobile coverage and economy with the highest growth rates in Africa". 

ITT Ruanda construccion

Golf course construction in the city centre

ITT Ruanda mercado bananas

Getting up early to take banans to the market 

 ITT Ruanda alumnos

Students going to school

Many works in Kigali

ITT Ruandas cambio ruedas tractor

Changing brakes in a New Holland tractor

ITT Ruanda lluvias

We had to stop several times because of five-minutes heavy rains

ITT Ruanda trabajo

Satisfied with our well done job

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18 March 2020

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