ITT Delivers New Holland Agricultural Machinery in Qatar

ITT Delivers New Holland Agricultural Machinery in Qatar

At the beginning of August, technical and commercial ITT personnel have moved to Doha (Qatar) to set up New Holland 125 RollBaler.

Our client, Hassad Food Company, the main investor of the Qatari government in agricultural projects and food logistics, is the first to market round bales in the country.

In the middle of the desert Hassad Food has created an oasis in which it produces hay and alfalfa to feed the animals of the country (goats, lambs, camels and horses).

Our specialist, Daniel Ruiz Aguilera, of ITT CM93 Palma has set up the machine to make straw bales of 120 kg at a rate of 20 bales per hour, being able to double the weight and production with alfalfa.

With temperatures close to 50 degrees Celsius at noon, the machine was tested in all temperature and humidity conditions during the day and night until the perfect humidity conditions were determined to achieve perfect packing.

ITT Finca Hassad Qatar

ITT AGriculture machinery delivery in Qatar

ITT CM93 Technicians in Doha

ITT New Holland RollBaler 125

ITT Night in Qatar

ITT Delivers Machinery in Qatar

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ITT CM93 - 15 August 2018

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